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It's Time to Stand Up Americans!

Welcome to Stand Up Americans. Around here we like to keep it short and sweet served with a nice strong brew. 

Stand Up Americans was created because of where we are in this unique time in history in the United States of America. Americans and even citizens around the world are standing up, they are frustrated, angry and feel profoundly deceived by government. They are marching in the streets worldwide against tyranny and treason. We are not against government, but we feel our government is against us. Our founding fathers warned us of this two hundred and forty-five years ago.

We as Americans are our greatest living asset. Our hearts, our minds, our spirit our ingenuity cannot be duplicated. No one is coming to save us; we must save us. We must stand up to the blatant disregard by our government for who we are. We must stand up now! We won’t apologize for who we are. Ever.

The gravity of this moment in history cannot be understated, we are standing up for our rights as a people, how we live our individual lives and even our right to speak freely and openly.

Looking ahead, our future as a nation rest with us, as citizens of this country we must stand against tyrannical and treasonous acts at the highest levels of government.

So, here at Stand Up Americans… we decided to stand up!

We hope that you will join us on our journey and support our store, our ideals, our spirit, and our flat-out love for this country!

Remember who you are…

Godspeed my friends.

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